LOG4GREEN follows a dynamic and interactive approach in order to achieve the project objectives and to disseminate experiences and knowledge. A 36 months workplan has been developed - divided in two phases and 6 workpackages (WPs):


  • Phase I covers ANALYSES (WP2) and the production of a Strategic Interdisciplinary Research Agenda (SIRA), a JOINT ACTION PLAN and 6 regional action Plans,
  • Phase II comprises CAPACITY BUILDING measures towards the implementation of the JAP.  A Mutual Mentoring and Benchmarking process (WP5) will be defined.   


In WP2 Analysis of State of Play, the information base (structures, stakeholders and competences) will be established to develop a framework for the understanding of regional innovation systems and potentials.
Five major fields are analysed, namely: (i) the Innovation Environment, (ii) the Economic Perspectives, (iii) the RTD-Resources, (iv) Infrastructure-related Best Practice Models, and (v) Assessment of the Environmental Impact. They will be fed into regional SWOT analyses. A mapped LOG4GREEN RTD-Atlas combines research and development potentials from the participating clusters.


WP3 Planning & Strategic Development defines actions at regional and at consortium level. The RTD-Atlas serves as basis for the development of a joint and interregional Strategic Interdisciplinary Research Agenda (SIRA) and a Joint Action Plan (JAP) relevant for all LOG4GREEN consortium regions. Regional chapters of the JAP ensure that the JAP guides the regions towards competitiveness by qualifying their research and technological development activities. Furthermore, the SIRA is compared to research agendas of other world regions leading in the realm of Transport/Logistics.


The WP4 - Capacity Building & Cluster Area Activation - strengthens competence of cluster regions and improves regional and transnational collaboration. Mutual learning and exchange of experience between regional actors are facilitated through a series of collaboration workshops and best practice study tours. Workshops will be dedicated to the strengthening of cluster and network structures and the collaboration with neighbouring regions which are not part of the consortium.


In WP5 Mutual Mentoring & Benchmarking LOG4GREEN aims at optimising European Logistics cluster competitiveness for the Greening of Transport. Research commercialisation and competitiveness in LOG4GREEN regions will profit from benchmarking their innovation systems against research-driven clusters in Overseas. Mutual learning and mentoring  connects LOG4GREEN with emerging clusters in the neighbouring areas of the six partner regions. Substantial effort shall be invested in the establishment of contacts and structured forms of cooperation, international cluster activities and meta-cluster structures.


WP1 (Project Management) and WP6 (Dissemination) are horizontal activities running throughout the project’s lifetime..