The LOG4GREEN Project is actualized around four general objectives (GOs). One of these objectives is optimizing education and training of (young) experts to meet the challenges of the highly complex multidisciplinary requirements of the future logistics innovation systems (GO3).

Achieving sustainability requires competence and knowledge. With globalization, and increasing standardization of the logistics systems, training and education should not be restricted to local conditions. Lacking in international-level education may in the long run cause deterioration in the efficiency of international logistics and transportation systems.

In 21st century, access to information is generally facilitated through international networks. However, in every day practice the differing cultural, environmental and political factors cause communication problems. Efficient communication tools are necessary, involving face-to-face communication and training. With the purpose of capacity building and cluster activation, it is crucial to discuss about local training, information exchange and research outputs on an international level.

In order to improve logistics as a discipline and adapt to the innovations in technology and complexity of knowledge management, training is the key factor. With globalization, the world has become smaller but more complex. Demographic growth adds a challenge to organize this complexity. Since concepts and points of view are constantly changing while profit-oriented business models compete with environment-friendly approaches, new study paths and training programs are required. The involvement of young experts to exchange knowledge and broaden their capacities is urgently needed to pave the way for future developments. By interaction of young experts on international level, the clusters will gain awareness of green transport and of the ecologic importance of the logistics sector. The guiding principle for people working in the logistics sector should not be restricted to finding solutions to everyday challenges, but should involve leading the way to future green European logistics systems. In this context, constituting an international platform for discussion, training and exchange of experiences, information and knowledge especially for young experts is a prerequisite. The LOG4GREEN clusters collaborate to raise the European level of awareness for education in green logistics and to develop a joint summer school concept. This concept can then be spread to a broader scope.

The summer school program is planned to be a training program based on logistics. The general ojective is to create a beneficial education program for diverse kinds of participants. Topics will be determined by a group involving academics and experts from industry and public sector. Possible topics are Green logistics, City logistics, Transport models, Warehousing and Distribution Management. Participants are expected to gain awareness of green transport and of the ecologic importance of logistics.